Why Algo

Algorithms, the path to Good Health

Healthcare is driven largely by the algorithms that doctors work through when they see a patient. Based on the patients symptoms, history, physical examination findings the doctor through a process of algorithmic thinking eliminates some conditions, gives importance to some others and comes to a provisional diagnosis.
Based on this provisional diagnosis a set of tests are ordered. Once the test results are available the doctor then uses the same algorithmic process to arrive at a more specific diagnosis and to plan the treatment. At this step the doctor not only takes in the test results but also adds all the patient information colected so far to make the final diagnosis.

In this process the doctor has to process hundreds of pieces of information and variables, correlate them and arrive at a conclusion.

This is easier said than done. Would it not be easier for a rule engine based system supported with the power of Artificial intelligence/machine learning to keep track of these hundreds of variables that need to be processed constantly in arriving at a diagnosis and treatment of patients?

That is what Algorithm Health hopes to create. Our CDSS focuses on replicating this process with even greater accuracy.

Things do not get forgotten and the system does not overlook things in a hurry as humanns sometimes do.

The CDSS will provide a level of patient safety hitherto unseen in the healthcare world. Every single patient incident can be processed and checked for possible internal events/diagnosis and corrective action can be taken.

This would be truly life saving and eventually become standard level of healthcare.

Algorithm Health realizes that this is a humungous task. But technology today has advanced by leaps and bounds and this gives us the the complete confidence that this can be done successfully with a very high level of accuracy.

Soon you will be using Algo to check out your possible health condition. Doctors andf Hospitals will use it to ensure greater patient safety.

Sounds exciting? We are excited too. Algo is coming your way soon.