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Algorithm Health was founded with the aim of enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment in Healthcare.

Using a combination of Artificial intelligence and rule engines, Algorithm Health has developed a unqiue application that can significantly increase the accuracy of medical diagnosis and minimize medical errors.

While Lab tests alone may not convey the entire picture the system also enables the inclusion of patient symptoms and history to enable a more accurate interpretation.

The Company was founded by Dr.Sumanth C Raman who has over 24 years of experience in the Healthcare IT Industry and is a medical professional with an M.D. in Internal Medicine. The Co-founders are data scientists with extensive experience in Machine learning, application development and database management.

The company is incubated by the Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre of IIT Madras Research Park.

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Lab tests are now the cornerstone of diagnosis in Healthcare. Algorithm Health has created a Clinical Decision Support system that enables users to analyze their Lab results and provides guidance on possible diffrential diagnosis as well as further tests that may be required to establish a diagnosis.

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Very often Radiological testing is necessary to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. While AI based systems are becoming ever smarter at reading radiology images the collation of both the human and system generated inferences needs to be done by the Physician based on the Radiological findings.

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CDSS PRO also serves as a valuable tool to reduce medical errors by providing an additional platform for patiennt safety. Governments and Insurance Companies can also use CDSS-PRO to validate claims and help primary care physicians in under served areas to be better equipped to make the right decisions.

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