About Us

Algorithm Health

Algorithm Health was founded with the aim of enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment in Healthcare.

Using a combination of Artificial intelligence and rule engines, Algorithm Health has developed a unqiue application that can significantly increase the accuracy of medical diagnosis and minimize medical errors.

While Lab tests alone may not convey the entire picture the system also enables the inclusion of patient symptoms and history to enable a more accurate interpretation.

The Company was founded by Dr.Sumanth C Raman who has over 24 years of experience in the Healthcare IT Industry and is a medical professional with an M.D. in Internal Medicine. The Co-founders are data scientists with extensive experience in Machine learning, application development and database management.

The company is incubated by the Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre of IIT Madras Research Park.

Our Team


Dr.Sumanth C Raman,

M.D.(Internal Medicine),DCH.,

  • Medical Professional with over 3 decades of experience in Healthcare.
  • Domain Consultant and Founder of Algorithm Health Ltd.
  • Worked for over 24 years in Healthcare IT and implemented some of India’s largest Healthcare IT projects. Worked extensively on Healthcare IT projects in Europe,China and South East Asia. Experience in Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records, CDSS systems, Also a media and Television personality.
Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Humeira Badsha

Consultant Rheumatologist

  • American Board Certified Rheumatology and Internal Medicine
  • Dr.Badsha trained at the University of California Los Angeles, is American Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, and Certified in Musculoskeletal ultrasound by the American College of Rheumatology.
  • She has almost three decades of experience as a Rheumatologist across three countries – the USA, Singapore and UAE.

Arun J

Bringing extensive experience from the software industry, Arun has collaborated with prominent enterprises in the domain of analytics. His journey includes spearheading transformative projects and leveraging expertise to drive innovation. He has delivered top-notch solutions fueled by a passion for technological excellence



Deep learning Engineer who is always exploring cutting edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence and applying the same in real-world scenarios to solve problems.Experience in developing Deep Learning Models using Tensorflow2, Keras and Pytorch and in training deep learning models with multiple GPU using Pytorch and Tensorflow2. Experience in working with machine learning algorithms such as Regression, KNN, SVM, K-Means,and Neural Networks.
Expertise in neural network architecture such as CNN, RNN, LSTM, GRU, Transformers, and GAN